Mt Stuart Presbyterian Church

Know Christ.
Make him known.

A group of people who have come to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and want others to know him too. We meet regularly to encourage each other to live out what we believe in practical ways.

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. We believe in the historic Christian faith as summarised in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, and trace our spiritual heritage to the Protestant Reformation led by John Calvin in Geneva and John Knox in Scotland.

Sundays @ 10am – our main meeting
(First Sunday of the month- Communion)

Reading the Bible Together
Over the next three years Mount Stuart members will be reading the whole bible together. We’ll meet at the end of each month to discuss the book(s) we have been reading and to continue to encourage one another to keep at it. More details are on the Reading the Bible Together page on this site.

We meet for Prayer every Tuesday night at Nicolatte
Wellington Court, near the Argyle St Car Park @ 5.30pm for a 6pm start

Because we want to know Jesus and make him known we listen to what the bible says about him. Whenever we meet, someone speaks from the bible in a way that is clear, challenging and connects with people. We want our meetings to be easy to understand and easy to be a part of, even if you have never been to church before or not for a long time.

We like to think our meetings are warm and friendly; with songs, prayer and a clear bible message, followed by morning tea. Everyone is welcome.

A creche is available for small children and a kids program for primary school age children runs at the same time.
We are always looking for ways to serve the neighbourhood in which we are located.

what is rbt? RBT is a simple way of reading through the whole Bible in three years – with everyone in the church.

how does it work? Each month the church reads a book (or books) of the Bible.  The congregation is given an introductory sheet to the book and a question sheet on which to write answers. At the end of the month people join a group and share with others what they have learnt.

when do groups meet? During the last week of the month. We hope people will stick to one group and really get to know the people in it over the three years. Groups are led by either a church elder or a trusted church member and they are responsible for encouraging everyone to keep going and praying for their group. 

West Hobart
Mon @ 7.30pm, 48 Mount Stuart Road, Mount Stuart
Chris Jones: 0438 345 736

Sandy Bay
Wed @ 7.30pm, 726 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay
Roland McCallum: 0437 850 130

Mount Nelson
Sat @ 10am, 3 Lachlan Drive, Mt Nelson
David Jones: 0400134701

Blackmans Bay
Tue @ 7:30pm, 14 Mirramar Pk, Blackmans Bay
Kim Jansen: 0478230395

Tues @ 9.30am, 15 Kalang Ave, Lenah Valley
Naomi Petrie: 6228 9215

Wed @ 10:30am, 59 Rosehill Crescent, Lenah Valley
Carol Bentley: 0401 443 144

Sign up for an RBT group here

Download the 8 questions here

You can listen to sermons and get a good idea of what happens in one of our meetings. You can read some stuff about the Christian Faith, ask questions, get information, make comments. Please use this website to introduce yourselves to us.

Every Sunday @ 10am
Mount Stuart Primary School - 106 Gillon Crescent, Mount Stuart

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